Elo and Kareem had the most elegant wedding at the Kimptom Fitzroy Hotel in London. Their day was filled with endless love, laughter, and beautiful memories that will be cherished forever. Even amidst pandemic restrictions, couples looking to get married found a way to have their special day.


Architecturally striking with an ornate coffered ceiling, a full wall of windows and a mezzanine gallery overlooking the main room, the unique Grade II listed ballroom with a private entrance can entertain 15 up to 200 guest’s sit-down. Adjoining the magnificent ballroom is Palm Court, a beautifully romantic, light-filled reception area with a Champagne bar, outdoor terrace, in-door winter garden and four dramatic floor-to-ceiling indoor trees.


The bride was a vision of beauty, gliding down the aisle in her gorgeous white gown, the intricate lace designs and delicate pearl beading highlighting all of her exquisite features. The intricate train flowed behind her with effortless grace, giving the ceremony an added sense of elegance. Every guest in attendance was captivated by the stunning bride, who proudly made her way to meet the groom at the altar. It was a sight to behold that none in attendance will ever forget!

The handsome groom arrived at the wedding looking magnificent. His black tuxedo fit him like a glove and made his white shirt and bowtie stand out. Every eye in the room was on him as he confidently took strides towards to the altar. With one grin, he stole the show – everyone had no doubt that this lucky man was ready to marry his doting bride!


The ceremony was truly remarkable, with a close friend of the couple officiating. Everyone in the crowd felt the tender emotion emanating from her words as she spoke on love and marriage. Every sentiment reverberated throughout the entire room, bringing happy tears to some and fondly reminiscent ones to others. With careful nuances and a touch of heartfelt wit, she kept everyone engaged as it truly was an unforgettable experience that will be cherished by the couple and attendees alike for many years to come.


Everyone in attendance at the grand ballroom was taken aback by its beauty, with shimmering lights, a crystal chandelier and breathtaking views. Friends and family members gave heartwarming and entertaining speeches that kept guests engaged throughout the night. The dinner provided was nothing short of lavish; exquisitely plated and delicious dishes fit for an occasion like this. It was truly a night to remember and every guest felt honored to be part of such a luxurious reception.


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